United Way of the Mid-South is Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

United Way of the Mid-South (UWMS) recognizes that our mission is most effectively fulfilled – resulting in the greatest community impact – through a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusiveness as a core value and practice. We believe that diversity is the presence and celebration of difference that enriches our workplace, including identity-focused characteristics, such as race, gender, disability or age. We believe that equity is the presence of and commitment to fair treatment, access and opportunity for all, where individuals are not at a disadvantage because of their identities. We believe that inclusion is the manner in which we demonstrate our commitment to diversity and equity, and is at the center of our efforts to build an intentional culture that fosters feelings of belonging and honors the differences of our colleagues, partners, vendors and stakeholders. Inclusion ensures that individuals with different identities are valued, leveraged and welcomed within our workplace.

At United Way of the Mid-South, we stand against racism.

We recognize structural racism/ethnic discrimination and other forms of oppression have contributed to persistent disparities which United Way of the Mid-South seeks to dismantle. We understand that these disparities have existed in the past and persist into the present. We acknowledge that these inequities are the result of policies and practices that work to marginalize entire populations of people. We unequivocally denounce racism/ethnic discrimination because it undermines the wellbeing and vitality of our communities. Our United Way of the Mid-South network strives to engage community members, especially those whose voices have traditionally been marginalized. We work with residents and public and private partners to co-create solutions that ensure everyone has the resources, supports, opportunities and networks they need to thrive. We commit to leveraging all our assets (convening, strategic investments, awareness building, advocacy) to create more equitable communities.


Support for Youth-Serving Organizations

A Trauma-Informed Approach

Announcing a NEW training resource!

United Way of the Mid-South is making available to trainers a curriculum developed in partnership with the ACE Awareness Foundation to support youth workers in integrating what they have learned about ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and resilience into action through a Trauma Informed approach.




of people in the City of Memphis live in poverty


of children under 18 in Memphis live in poverty


of people in Shelby County live in poverty


of children under 18 in Shelby County live in poverty


of people in our AR, MS, TN metro area live in poverty


of children under 18 in our AR, MS, TN metro area live in poverty

The US average for people living in poverty is 12.3%. The 2020 Update of the Memphis Poverty Fact Sheet, Produced Annually by Dr. Elena Delavega of the School of Social Work at the University of Memphis. Data from the 2019 American Community Survey released in September 2020.

(DTD) envisions a Mid-South in which all people have equitable access to resources needed to achieve their hopes and dreams.

DTD is touching thousands of Memphis and transforming lives.


had more stable employment


had better financial management strategies


reported higher income