Youth Villages provides incredible top-ten result in UW fundraising

Pat Lawler

Youth Villages once again set an unique high mark during the most recent United Way campaign – being listed among the top ten giving organizations to the fundraising drive, and also performing work for our region as one of our United Way partner agencies!

Youth Villages is a UW partner agency helping children with serious emotional and behavioral problems, and their families.

In this campaign, employees at Youth Villages created another dramatic increase in their support, raising $ 940,000! That is even higher than last year’s incredible $850,000 total. Over 1,800 employees supported the campaign, and 535 gave at Leadership Giving levels of $500 or more.

Patrick Lawler, CEO of Youth Villages, says there are many things that make the organization a top 10 supporter. Youth Villages employees know that giving to the United Way campaign is important, because without UW support there would be fewer programs helping troubled youth in our community. Campaign leaders at Youth Villages also make it a point to speak with employees who have never given to the UW campaign before so they learn how important it is to support United Way. UW Fundraising events were broadcast on the company’s intranet so that all employees had a chance to participate.

Your support of United Way  makes a difference at Youth Villages and at nearly 100 other partner agencies in our network of care across the Mid-South.

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