From the Archive: Youth United Way Chairman Clifton Jordan meets Governor Haslam and 300 teen leaders from across state

Gov. Haslam and Clifton JordanYouth United Way Chairman Clifton Jordan received an up-close look at state government last weekend when he met with Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and 300 youth from across the state as part of the 2011 Youth In Government Conference in Nashville, TN.

Jordan met with the governor over lunch, discussed the 2011-2012 budget and talked about other issues important to youth. Jordan also convened over 300 youth leaders from across Tennessee to discuss issues of importance among teens who reside in the three major regions of the state including college scholarships, identifying programs for youth service, taking teen issues more seriously, and increasing the number of job opportunities and internships for youth interested in government.

Jordan was the keynote speaker at the Governor’s Banquet which was attended by several state officials and members of the Governor’s cabinet.

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