Your support at work: Looking for a job in her sixties, Mary wasn’t sure of her chances

(Note: This story comes courtesy of Elise Bone, Meritan’s director of marketing/development. Names and images are changed to protect privacy.)

When Mary’s department at the health insurance company was eliminated, she knew finding a new position would be hard – especially at 60 years old. Her skills needed updating, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to do the same type of work – maybe now was a good time for a change.

Becoming an entrepreneur seemed to be a possible step, and after a few years of managing her own child care center, she knew she wanted to go back into a work life where others helped share the burden of keeping a business going. Her computer skills, however, were now even further behind than when she was laid off from the health insurance company.

Your Support Impacts LivesMary heard about Meritan, a United Way partner agency that offers training courses in finding employment for older citizens.

“I was very optimistic about the training and I had high hopes of landing permanent employment,” Mary said. “Through the program, I was assigned to work at the Memphis Urban League. It was such a great match that within six months, they offered me a full-time position.”

Since then, Mary has been promoted several times at her new job. She started out as a receptionist, but is now an executive assistant to the company’s CEO.

“The people who support United Way and Meritan are truly assets to our senior community,” Mary said.

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