Stories: Helping Gloria get the medical care she needs helps her from becoming a person facing homelessness

Note: This story comes from Alexandra Wardlaw with Fayette Cares. Names and images have been changed to protect privacy.

Gloria’s struggle with Lupus might have led to a life battling homelessness if not for your support of the United Way network’s efforts to improve health in our community

Gloria’s struggle with Lupus was taking a hard toll on her health, making it hard for her to hold onto a job.

For some time, Gloria was able to manage the demands of work and care for herself because her grandmother took an active role in her life and helped provide for many of her needs. When her grandmother passed away, Gloria’s meager savings were quickly eaten up just meeting basic expenses and medical costs.

When other friends and relatives could no longer support her financially, Gloria found herself out of money and out of options. She was going to have to leave her home and find a way to live on the streets.

Gloria’s story was shared with a caseworker at a United Way network partner agency. This agency works to impact our region’s homelessness issues, and is involved in breaking the patterns and cycles families can face that all too often lead to life on the streets.

“Our caseworker knew that because of Gloria’s struggle with Lupus, she was going to need some lasting solutions,” the agency counselor said. “But before we could get all of those plans in place, we needed to provide Gloria with shelter and refuge from her fear and uncertainty. We immediately took her in.”

Gloria’s battle against homelessness wasn’t over, but she did receive the care she needed when there was no one to help.

“This young woman clearly had nowhere to go and nothing to eat,” the agency counselor added. “Thanks to generous contributions to United Way and assistance from our caring community, Gloria received meals, clothing, supplies, safe shelter and the essential medications she so desperately needed.”

Your Support Impacts LivesYour support of United Way’s network of agency partners and the work to bring systems and collaborations together to improve our quality of life makes a difference. Today, Gloria receives access to regular medical care and this helps prevent her from living on the streets as a person without a home.

Gloria’s story is not unique – United Way’s work to improve health for Mid-South residents has ripple effects on many other social challenges our region faces, as does our ongoing effort to improve local education and financial stability.

United Way of the Mid-South understands that working for our common good means bringing as many people, organizations, alliances and resources as possible together to get things done and improve our community. Thanks to your support, Gloria’s life is on a better path and thousands more have a better quality of life.

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