Stories: Drug addiction was ruining Beth’s life until she was given the tools to sobriety

This story comes courtesy of Darrell Harden with Catholic Charities of West Tennessee. Names and images are changed to protect privacy.

Beth started using cocaine in her early twenties. It did not take long for her to become an addict, and she struggled with addiction for over a decade.

As she entered her mid-thirties, her drug use had created a long history of losing jobs, possessions and terribly strained relationship with her daughter. Beth’s road to recovery started when a case manager referred her to Dozier House, a part of Catholic Charities, a United Way partner agency.

The program that Beth became involved in helped her address her addiction problems while giving her the tools to re-enter society with sobriety, confidence and courage.

“Beth remained at Dozier House for over a year and graduated sober from our program,” an agency counselor said.

After graduating from the program, Beth became a case manager for a local social services agency where she gives back to the community that gave her a second chance. While her battle against addiction is fought every day, thanks to your support of United Way she is achieving victory and helping people who are in need.  Thank you for your gifts to United Way’s network of care!

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