Stories: After an unexpected downsizing, your help assists Jane as she looks for a new job

This story comes courtesy of Alexandra Wardlow, Executive Director of Fayette Cares. Names and images have been changed to protect privacy.

Your support kept Jane and her son from being homeless.

Jane never saw it coming. After 21 years of employment for the same company, she was suddenly laid off from work. The 42-year-old single mother did not know what she would do and feared that without a steady paycheck she and her son would eventually end up homeless, living on the streets.

But soon Jane’s tears would change from sadness and anxiety to relief. After attending a prerequisite financial literacy presentation from Fayette Cares, a partner in United Way’s network of nonprofit agencies, she learned she qualified for assistance in paying rent and utilities. She was thankful that she and her son would not become homeless while she searched for her next job.

Jane said she had a sudden realization when she saw the United Way sign in the agency window out of the corner of her eye.

“Like most of my co-workers, for years I donated to United Way by giving from each paycheck,” she said. “I never thought that I would be a person needing United Way agency help.”

Jane remembers she barely noticed the payroll deduction gifts and says she certainly never realized the impact of her generosity.

“I had no idea how precious these donations were, and I did not understand how much good they do,” Jane says.

Thanks to your support, Jane and people like her across our community have access to a network of caring nonprofit agencies when times are tough. Thank you for giving to United Way.

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