By the numbers: Your giving produces results in health for adults & seniors

Your Support Impacts LivesData collected during our recent allocations process reveals great statistics about how your support of our United Way network is improving health for many local adults and seniors:

Physician feedback, by the numbers:
Out of 48 patients referred to a United Way funded wellness program, 57% showed improvements in health conditions:
14 had improved blood sugar levels
16 had improved blood pressure levels
8 had improved AIC levels, which is an indicator of being able to control diabetes
7 had improved cholesterol levels
13 had lost a total of over 210 pounds

Support for independent adults with disabilities: Of the 398 people who were provided with adult day care services, 76% were able to remain at home and not be institutionalized.

Greater independence for seniors at home: In one group, 344 seniors received United Way funded home-based support services. Of the group, only 6.5% ages 65 – 84 had to transition into a full-time nursing care facility, while 93.5% were able to stay at home. In the 85-years and older age range, only 12.8% had to transition into a full-time nursing care facility, while 87.2% were able to stay at home.

Addiction recovery and treatment: 401 people received residential or outpatient treatment for substance abuse issues. In 30 day follow-up meetings, women in one program reported 96.4% had abstained from alcohol and drug use. The number involved in school or work rose from only 17% before the program to 54% after 30 days. Nearly all (96.4%) had been arrested before starting the program, but none were arrested during the 30-day program period. During the program’s 12-step meeting process, 82% increased their attendance at meetings.

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