Your giving produces results: Education (children & youth)

Your Support Impacts LivesData collected during our recent allocations process reveals great statistics about how your support of our United Way network is improving education results for local children and youth:

Early learning: 98% of children at an early childhood program showed improved scores in cognitive skills and language skills.

Family Literacy: Families engaged in a family literacy program showed a substantial increase in the number of books in the home, as well as the amount of time parents and caregivers spent reading to their children.

Higher grade point averages: Over 50% of students in one program achieved a 3.0 grade point average or higher. 25% of the students had a 3.5 or higher grade point average. Overall, we have observed increases in grade point averages among students in United Way network programs.

Improving grades: 80% of students in a program who started the year with a 2.0 or lower grade point average finished the year with an increase of at least one letter grade, in at least two subject areas.

Better testing scores: On average, students in one program scored “proficient” or “advanced” on Gateway tests. Data also showed an increase in the ability to use computers.

Helping children with challenges: 74% of children who completed a program for children with developmental challenges showed positive gains in developmental skills tests.

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