Stories: Janice’s special needs required a scholarship for special training

This story comes compliments of Karen Dunn at The Baddour Center. Names of clients are changed to protect privacy.

Janice shares the same interests as many other women. She loves animals and enjoys time with friends. But Janice has challenges many other people do not face because of her intellectual disabilities. To participate in the world and be more self-sufficient, Janice requires a special type of vocational training that can work through her challenges and help her reach her highest potential. Your support of United Way helps provide funding for a scholarship program at The Baddour Center that helps Janice and people who share her struggles.

Your Support Impacts Lives“The scholarship program helps people like Janice receive the training they need,” said an agency counselor. “Those funds we receive from United Way are earmarked for the scholarship program.”

Janice’s training will help determine the levels of her abilities and attempt to match her with skills-appropriate work. She enjoys the activity, and guidance is in place so she can make a wise decision about her vocational choices.

“Janice is taking an active role in the new program, and she sees having a type of career as an important aspect of her activity,” the agency counselor said. “She has worked in various capacities around our campus over the years. She has been employed as a simple hand packager and she already knows that there is more to life than just earning a paycheck.”

Janice has learned a lot through her work, and she hopes to take more courses at a nearby community college if she can. What more could Janice ask for?

“A future,” says the counselor. “Having a well-rounded and fulfilling life in the here and now is exciting for anyone. For many with intellectual disabilities, it is not only a goal accomplished, but often a dream that both they and their families never thought would become a reality.”

Janice is well on her way to greater independence and financial stability thanks to the training that you support when you give to United Way of the Mid-South.

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