Stories: An early cancer diagnosis may have saved Jane’s life

(Note: This story comes courtesy of Peggy Linton with DeSoto Health and Wellness Center. Names and images are changed to protect privacy.)

Your Support Impacts LivesJane was one of many women who came to one of United Way’s network partner agencies for a free mammogram screening that day – and that visit may have saved her life.

“Jane’s was a special case,” said one agency counselor. “Her breast cancer was detected in its early stages, and thanks to appropriate treatments, today Jane is cancer free.”

Every day, this United Way partner agency treats people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, breathing problems and many other ailments.

At the time of Jane’s screening, she was unemployed and unable to pay for a mammogram. That didn’t bother the agency.

“Jane was like many of our patients – unemployed or underemployed, living on fixed incomes or with no income at all,” the counselor said. “When people lose their jobs, they still need medical care.”

The counselor cited examples of many clients who visit the center and who have jobs, but cannot afford treatments because they lack medical insurance. Many visitors are working people who are employed by businesses which do not offer a health insurance program.

“Our goal is to help each person to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be proactive in their daily decisions to maintain better health,” the counselor added.

Thanks to your support of United Way’s network of care, people like Jane are better able to receive health screenings and access to health care even when their income situations are challenged.

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