Stories: An unemployed single mother finds training, secures a job, gains greater self-sufficiency

This story comes courtesy of Elise Bone, with Meritan. Names and images have been changed to protect privacy.

Jane was working hard as a single mother raising two daughters, but she needed to find a paying job. She was at home, unemployed, and knew she would need to have income to help get her children through the expensive high school years.

“In those days, Jane had very little help aside from her sister, and times were hard for the family,” said an agency counselor. “Eventually, Jane was referred to our Title V program and she never looked back.”

Jane found help from Meritan, one of United Way’s network partners offering innovative skills programs. She trained as a teacher’s aide and found work that helped her make enough to cover the bills for several years. After her children graduated high school and were pursuing their own young adult lives, Jane felt she needed a change in her own life.

Your Support Impacts Lives“Jane came back to our program to seek additional training,” said the counselor. “She is presently gaining marketable skills that will help her find work as a receptionist,” the counselor reports.

Thanks to your support of United Way, Jane obtained job training that helped her find work and greater financial independence. Her story is just one of many – your gifts to United Way are at work every day, working with people so they can gain employable skills and be more self-sufficient.

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