WMC-TV 5 uses a stronger push on education to encourage employee giving to United Way

Ron Childers

You’ve seen Ron Childers on television in his role as meteorologist for WMC-TV 5, but you may not know he is also the station’s United Way fundraising drive coordinator, encouraging his fellow employees to support the work to improve local education, financial stability and health.

Earlier this week Childers informed United Way that donations at WMC-TV 5 have increased this year and that employee giving is already past last year’s total. Childers also noted there will be a corporate gift added to employee donations which will raise the final total even higher. He hopes to be present at United Way’s campaign countdown meeting on Monday Nov. 14th with the station’s completed campaign numbers.

Childers attributes the rise in giving to a greater number of WMC-TV 5 employees participating in this year’s drive. Next week, Childers and his leadership team will meet to discuss efforts for growing the station’s campaign in 2012.

“The last couple of years, we had a team-building promotional campaign for United Way in an effort to bring our sales and news departments together by playing games during the day. We called those games the ‘Action News 5 Olympic Games.’ Everyone from the different departments got to know one another and it was a great team building effort. This year we wanted to do something different and focus more on United Way itself,” Childers said.

After three years of working with the United Way campaign, Childers has seen awareness at the office grow and he wanted to keep that momentum going. WMC-TV 5 added three more people to the team to help increase awareness about United Way and the fundraising drive. Isaac Singleton, IT Department, Jimmy Smith, Marketing and Promotions and Vickie Wright, Sales, helped Childers spread the word and provide education about United Way.

Childers and Terry Kubicki (Executive Administrative Assistant with WMC-TV 5) also took advantage of a recent quarterly staff meeting including all departments to announce a silent auction fundraiser.

“We raised almost $1,000 with the silent auction,” Childers said. “Our general manager cooked a cheesecake. We auctioned it off at the highest bid. Our IT/Computer Services guy offered an in-home computer repair. A lot of people need their computers fixed, so that went for a lot of money. We also used a gift certificate from Best Buy.”

Childers is also helping our regional campaign as the narrator of this year’s United Way Information Film. He is also taking advantage of opportunities to visit partner agencies that provide care and services to people in need.

“In the last two years, I have gotten to see what United Way does in our community and the agencies that benefit from United Way,” Childers said. “I have heard the agency staff speak about what they would not be able to do, without UW funding. I also see what they do with what little money that they actually have.”

WMC-TV 5 is also supporting the regional drive by running 30-second public service announcements from United Way this year. You may also see stories from United Way as part of the station’s neighborhood reporting on the internet.

United Way wishes to thank Lee Meredith, WMC-TV 5 Vice President & General Manager (and a member of our United Way Board of Directors) for his support of United Way and his volunteer leadership of our Marketing and Communications Committee.

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