VP Buildings sees strong support for this year’s United Way campaign

VP Buildings United Way committee members celebrate the success of this year's fundraising effort. (From left, Barbara Deloach, David Walden and Lee Moseley)

VP Buildings (Varco Pruden Buildings) created a substantial increase in its fundraising drive for United Way this year.

The company, which specializes in the computer-aided design of pre-engineered steel systems construction for low-rise non-residential buildings, has 24 employees who raised $9,692 for United Way this year. This represented a huge increase from last year’s total of $1,500.  The company also contributes a $10 corporate gift for every employee.

Barbara Deloach, campaign coordinator for the United Way drive at VP Buildings credited the increase in charitable giving to better awareness of the fundraising drive and follow-up on the opportunity to participate.

“This year, we had a breakfast and invited all our employees in the Memphis office to come,” Deloach said. “We went from just a handful of contributors last year to 24 this year, and we are so proud of our team.”

VP Buildings also used items to increase awareness of the drive including airline tickets and a hotel stay at the Memphis Hilton.

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