VOLUNTEERS: Team Read training at United Way offices impacting third grade reading scores

United Way staff participated in Team Read training at the organization's offices.

United Way staff and members of the Maximus law firm participated in Team Read training with Barbara Dawson (standing, right of center) at United Way’s office. (click on photo to see image at larger size)

“What is Team Read?” you may ask. Team Read is a collaboration between United Way and Shelby County schools to enhance the reading skills of children up to the third grade.

Team Read Coaches (trained adult volunteers) help school children learn important elementary school reading words so by third grade, students are “reading to learn” instead of “learning to read.”

Barbara Dawson, Community Engagement Specialist for Shelby County Schools recently led a Team Read training for United Way staff and attorneys from Maximus law firm.

The training focused on preparing the Team Read coaches to go into schools and be reading coaches to second grade students. Coaches work with students on “sight” words, which makeup about 75% of the words students should be learning by the third grade.

Tish Robertson, Senior Associate for Community Impact at United Way works with Dawson and other members of Team Read to recruit more Team Read coaches. If you are interested in Team Read coaching, contact Robertson at 901.433.4314 or e-mail letitia.robertson@uwmidsouth.org

To learn more about Team Read, click here.

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