Volunteers needed for 2015 United Way Allocation Committee

unnamedUnited Way allocations committees decide where and/or how much money will go to United Way partner agencies impacting local education, financial stability and health.

United Way is looking to recruit volunteers to help our community as allocations committee volunteers. Imagine the difference you could make by examining local needs and nonprofit programs, then helping determine how to fund agencies so they can achieve the strongest impact for the Mid-South!

What does it mean to volunteer? It means taking some time out of your schedule to help steer United Way’s funding of nonprofits for the Mid-South. What does volunteering mean to our United Way program? Everything. Quite simply, our process needs local people to guide funding decisions in order to achieve the most community-minded results possible.

Please click on the link below to complete a Volunteer Interest Form.


We greatly appreciate your dedication and willingness to serve as a volunteer for the United Way. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tehrian Martin at (901) 433-4330 or tehrian.martin@uwmidsouth.org.

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