Free Tax Prep

The battle against generational poverty has many fronts and requires many strategies. United Way’s Free Tax Prep program trains volunteers to help people prepare and file their income taxes for FREE. This program brings income back to individuals and families in low-to-moderate income households and creates a boost of more than $12 million in refunds to our local economy.

When a family struggling to make ends meet uses United Way Free Tax Prep instead of spending hundreds of dollars with tax preparers, it makes a big difference. Free Tax Prep also helps people avoid predatory lending practices at less-than-reputable tax centers, and can help people learn about savings, financial literacy, and healthy financial practices.

Last year, United Way Free Tax Prep helped bring in over $12.08 million in refunds and ensured over $4.27 million in Earned Income Tax Credits were claimed by local citizens. The average refund was over $1,730.00. That’s real money in the pockets of people who can really use it.

2-1-1 network

Visit a Supersite at Hickory Ridge Mall, Southland Mall, or Refuge Memphis in Raleigh. Or, just call 2-1-1 (backup number 901.415.2790) to get information about the Free Tax Prep site in your area. United Way Free Tax Prep is an important part of our Driving The Dream initiative and every site plays an important role in United Way’s battle against Mid-South poverty.

We thank the following organizations for helping make United Way Free Tax Prep possible!