VITA & EITCA training this week: connecting tax volunteers with our community

Volunteers dedicated to improving the financial stability of people across the Mid-South are coming together all this week for an Earned Income Tax Credit Alliance and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance training.

The training is held at Victory University (formerly Crichton College), 255 N. Highland St. from 5 – 8 p.m. in room B96 will last through Friday, Jan. 7. Volunteers are encouraged to attend.

During tax season, volunteers will be asked to volunteer at least 2 hours per week. Duties will include managing the VITA site, personnel and results. Also, volunteers who have been certified will be asked to help citizens prepare federal and state tax returns electronically for low to moderate income families and individuals. There will also be a need for screeners, who will assist the taxpayer in completing the interview sheet and transfer the paperwork to a tax preparer for completion. Volunteers will also need a check sheet to determine if the taxpayer has all the necessary information.

 People interested in training online can go through Link & Learn at www.irs.gov to access web-based VITA training. Volunteers are also encouraged to learn through traditional self-study using the course Publication 4491. Materials will be mailed as soon as the registration form is received. Mail your completed test to IRS, W7I, SPEC, 22 North Front, MPD 142, Memphis, Tenn, 38103 or fax to Debra Pointer at (901) 544-0316.

For new or returning volunteers who have completed tax law training via Link & Learn, mail your certification no later than Jan. 13th to IRS, W&I, SPEC, 22 North Front, MDP 142, Memphis, TN 38103.

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