Valero Memphis Refinery surpasses $385,000, energizes employee giving & volunteering

John Aikman, Process Engineering Manager of the Valero Memphis Refinery, reports Valero’s employees and the company match have raised over $385,000 for United Way, and the total is still growing!

“Every year, we become more and more generous in helping the people in our community,” Aikman said, adding “I am proud of the work that Valero employees put in to make this year’s campaign so successful.”

Valero Day of Caring volunteers

Valero volunteers have made a big difference for UW agencies during Day of Caring events, performing heavy-duty, specialized work

Valero used incentives like t-shirts, water bottles and stadium chairs to bring attention to the campaign. Porter Leath, a United Way partner agency that empowers children and families to achieve a healthy optimal and independent lifestyle, provided a representative to talk to Valero employees about needs in our region. Valero also provided a variety of special events to publicize the campaign including a bake sale, tour of UW partner agencies, popcorn and a movie, a pumpkin carving contest and a silent auction.

Lisa Wheeler, Valero’s campaign coordinator, says the employees at the Memphis Refinery are extraordinary people. “Our co-chairs, Keith Taylor and John Aikman did an excellent job leading this campaign. Our team members really pour their hearts into projects. For Valero, it’s about more than giving dollars. Our employees have a unique set of skills and they really put those skills to work for our community,” Wheeler reported.

Aikman agreed that Valero volunteers give more than just their financial support. “They give precious time to make a difference and impact the community in which we live and work.” For the past few years, over 40 Valero volunteers put everything they had into work on United Way Day of Caring projects each September. Valero volunteers have performed specialized work at several United Way agencies and programs such as Knowledge Quest and Impact Missions, using their special building and engineering skills with large-scale projects

“To be a part of something that directly touched the lives of so many unfortunate children has impacted my life,” Aikman said. “It was an eye-opening experience for me personally. The children know that someone cares enough to improve their quality of life.”

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