UW staff & EITCA will honor VITA volunteers at Hickory Ridge Mall Thurs., May 5


Earned Income Tax Credit AllianceUnited Way of the Mid-South’s Earned Income Tax Credit Alliance (EITCA) will honor volunteers who helped as Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) workers over the last tax preparation year on Thursday, May 5th at the Hickory Ridge Mall banquet facility on 6075 Winchester, across from the food court.

EITCA and VITA volunteers helped local citizens file more than 5,000 tax returns for free over the last several months, saving filers from paying preparation costs and keeping them away from illegal predatory lenders who cheat people out of their rightful refunds. The volunteers also worked to ensure that qualifying citizens used the Earned Income Tax Credit, which can often result in a much larger tax refund for moderate to lower-income families and individuals.

Volunteers assisted at FREE tax preparation sites across the Mid-South

EITCA and VITA volunteers helped local citizens prepare and file their taxes for free over the last several months

“VITA Volunteers give a lot of their personal time and skills to train and provide this service to our community.  Dinners, words and recognitions can never adequately compensate them for what they give. They are truly a group of caring and compassionate people.  This celebration is an opportunity to come together, fellowship and relax after the busy tax season,” said Yvonne Howard, EITCA Coordinator for United Way of the Mid-South.

“These volunteers have to successfully complete Internal Revenue Service training and be IRS certified before they can help people prepare and file their taxes. This somewhat unique form of volunteer service requires more training than most. These volunteers are also to be credited for their willingness to sacrifice multiple days before they engage citizens in the act of helping,” said Dave Skorupa, United Way’s Vice President of Communications.

The volunteers will be treated to a buffet dinner, a runway show by Chloe’s School of Etiquette and Modeling  and an energy packed presentation by the Silver Feet Dance Academy.

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