From the Archive: Be careful about charity scams when giving to disaster relief

United Way in the NewsABC News 24 aired a report last night about the risks of giving to some disaster relief organizations that seem to “suddenly spring up” right after local emergencies. As part of the story, ABC News 24 reporter Jenni DiPrizio spoke with United Way volunteer Jeraldine Hunter-Gaddes, who is working with our Earned Income Tax Credit Alliance, helping people with tax adjustment needs in light of the recent storms, floods and disasters. DiPrizio provides some good tips when making your giving decision in last night’s story, online here at the ABC24 website.

If you wish to give to support immediate and long-term storm, flood and disaster relief in the Mid-South through United Way, please visit this page for more information. We thank you for your generosity as people in our region use nonprofit services for assistance in recovering from the storms and flooding.

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