From the Archive: UW honors Shannon Brown with victory celebration

Shannon Brown was honored for his work which helped United Way raise over $25.7 million for our community

Last February, United Way announced our fundraising campaign had raised over $25.7 million at our Annual Meeting and Campaign Celebration luncheon, but one very important guest was not there.

Shannon A. Brown, Senior Vice President & Chief HR Officer for FedEx served as our General Campaign Chairman last year, leading our efforts to raise funds across the Mid-South. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend the February finale event due to obligations which not only had him out of the city – he was out of the country, conducting business in Africa. Earlier today, our staff honored Brown and his family at the United Way office with a special tribute.

Shannon Brown greets UW Staff at the victory celebration.

Staff and volunteers gathered in United Way’s boardroom to tell stories about the successful campaign under Brown’s amazing leadership. His personable approach was always on display during the fundraising drive, especially when he was visiting partner nonprofit agencies. Joined by his wife, Beryl, and mother Mrs. Lucille Upshaw, Brown thanked the group and shared that his concern for the United Way fundraising drive was a reflection of his feelings for our city.

“Everything I did during this campaign was for the City of Memphis and United Way,” Brown said. “Memphis is a great city, and it has so much to offer. We want to change the perception of our city.”

Faye Carter, United Way’s Senior Vice President of Fundraising, said “Shannon has been with us all over the city of Memphis and to the eight counties we support. Wherever we wanted him to be, whether it was an executive solicitation, sitting with CEOs, meetings with Leadership Givers, training sessions, campaign kickoffs, you name it, morning, noon or night, early or late, Shannon was there. We deeply appreciate the last year of his life that he has given us. It was a huge task to lead us to our goal. We thank Shannon, we love him and we will always see him as one of our great General Campaign Chairmen.”

Brown (left) accepts recognition of his campaign leadership from Bryce Haugsdahl (center) and Faye Carter (right)

“Shannon worked very hard leading staff, volunteers and Loaned Executives, helping us raise over $25.7 million which will impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the Mid-South,” said United Way President Bryce Haugsdahl.

“We are extremely grateful and join with the United Way agencies and all others who will benefit from Shannon’s personal dedication and tireless efforts to accomplish this outstanding achievement,” Haugsdahl added.

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