From the Archive: UW allocations team in DeSoto County to direct funding that makes a difference

Allocations volunteers make the challenging decisions about where donated funds are used to improve lives and impact communities. United Way’s DeSoto County allocations committee will direct funds to nonprofits operating in DeSoto. (From left) Garland Crawford, Sarah Edmiston, David Jones, Tina Stokes, David Frassinelli, Diane Tipton, Bill Brown and Pam Black.

Allocations teams across the Mid-South are meeting to make the challenging decisions about where United Way support can be used to impact lives and strengthen communities.

Our United Way DeSoto County, MS allocations committee is meeting to discuss the distribution of funds to partner agencies in DeSoto. Last year, the volunteers directed 18% to programs helping children and youth succeed, 63% to efforts strengthening families and neighborhoods, and 19% to work that improves health for adults and seniors.

The volunteers live in DeSoto, and the funds that are distributed were given to United Way by people who live in the county.

The group is led by Committee Chairman Bill Brown (Walker, Brown, Brown). Also serving in this effort are committee members Pam Black (Atmos Energy), Garland Crawford (Belz Investco GP), Sarah Edmiston (Southgroup Insurance Services), David Frassinelli (FedEx), David Jones (Bancorpsouth). Tina Stokes (Schnucks Markets) and Diane Tipton (Bancorpsouth).

If you are interested in serving as one of our United Way allocations volunteers, please contact Janet Haas in our Community Impact department at 901.433.4333 or janet.haas@uwmidsouth.org for information.

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