From the Archive: United Way’s Loaned Executive program prepares to train volunteers to work alongside UW staff

United Way of the Mid-South’s Loaned Executive program begins later this month. Loaned Executives are local volunteers who receive training and information about how United Way’s network is involved in improving local lives and addressing community challenges. The volunteers’ work is subsidized by local businesses and organizations, and the volunteers work alongside United Way staff in fundraising activities across our region.

Trina McCray

Trina McCray

Participants in the program also gain experience in public speaking and skills development opportunities outside of their current workplaces. The volunteers participate in business planning, project management, customer relationship management, public speaking and sales presentation. Several current United Way staff members and Board members went through the Loaned Executive program years ago.

For local employers, having an employee participate in our Loaned Executive program creates a “win-win” scenario. Their employee takes part in a comprehensive leadership development program, but without incurring expensive training costs for their organization.

Employees who have completed the program return to their companies with stronger communication skills, better time management abilities and much greater knowledge about local community issues.

“It’s an exciting program,” says Trina McCray, a former Loaned Executive who works with Memphis Recovery Center, a United Way supported agency.  “You meet a lot of people and you learn about different companies, nonprofit agencies and health and human service groups in the Mid-South.”

“You learn so much about United Way. You wouldn’t believe the number people in the program each year that never knew about the impact United Way has on people’s lives until they become a Loaned Executive. They have a whole new outlook and they find themselves missing it when the program ends.”

Annette Knox

Annette Knox

Community volunteer Annette Knox agrees with McCray, adding that her time in the Loaned Executive program has improved her public speaking skills.

“It is very thorough training,” Knox said, “and it has helped me so much with my public speaking. I have learned how to understand our region’s needs. You can use what you learn in Loaned Executive training to go out and serve our community.”

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