United Way thanks loyal donors for their love of community with a special Valentine’s Day card

Over the weekend – and possibly today – loyal givers to United Way of the Mid-South received a special Valentine’s Day card in the mail, thanking them for giving to our ongoing work of improving education, financial stability and health.

Special Valentine's Day cards were mailed to loyal contributors to United Way this year

Loyal givers (people who have continually given to United Way for several years) hold a special place in our organization’s heart, as well as a special place in our Mid-South community. Thanks to their year-after-year support, United Way has been able to fund a network of agencies that work with people in need, often for lengthy periods of time. The work involved in helping an entire family living in poverty has many facets – sometimes a combination of financial training, literacy classes, working through health issues and meeting basic needs must first be addressed. Thanks to continual givers, resources are present to fund these programs day after day, year after year.

United Way of the Mid-South thanks all of our donors, and especially our loyal donors this Valentine’s Day. Your support shows a true love for our community and people in need, and we appreciate you!

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