From the Archive: United Way staff participate in emergency preparedness exercises

United Way staff in preparedness exercises

United Way staff examined preparedness and disaster recovery scenarios last week

Friday, March 17th, United Way of the Mid-South senior staff members participated in a disaster exercise drill at the Shelby County Office of Preparedness/Homeland Security Emergency Operations Center at 2668 Avery Avenue in Memphis.

The UW staff were presented with escalating disaster scenarios designed to test and examine our policies, practices and safety steps in the event of a crisis. The tabletop exercise was designed to identify strengths and expose weaknesses so corrective actions can be made before an actual emergency situation takes place.

The exercise was scheduled several weeks ago. After the recent tragic events related to the tsunami and earthquakes in Japan, our staff were all the more eager to fine-tune our systems and participate in the exercises.

Members of our United Way staff will participate in the National Earthquake Drill scheduled for late May.

We wish to thank Shelby Slater, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator at the University of Memphis for his leadership in conducting our emergency preparedness exercises, and Deputy Director Levell Blanchard from the Shelby County Office of Preparedness /Homeland Security who gave United Way staff a tour of the Emergency Operations Center and allowed us access to the facility.

The exercise was planned and executed by United Way of the Mid-South’s Disaster Recovery Committee. The committee is led by volunteer William Taylor from the United Way Board of Directors, supported by Robert Mebane, United Way’s VP of Human Resources and Loretta Hurt, from United Way’s Office of Strategic Initiatives, Emergency Management Liaison.

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