United Way partner agencies pledge to “give until it feels good” during kickoff rally

Barrie Weiser (Memphis Jewish Community Center) speaks about the importance of the 2012 United Way partner agencies campaign.

Employees at United Way nonprofit agency partner organizations do a lot for the people in our community through the work they perform to improve education, financial stability and health across the Mid-South.

In addition, these steadfast champions for the common good also give to the United Way fundraising campaign out of their own pockets each year.

Last week, these employees held the kickoff for this year’s partner agency fundraising effort at the Jewish Community Center.

Barrie Weiser, Executive Director of the Memphis Jewish Community Center welcomed the crowd of over 70 people.

“You have an opportunity today to help others,” Weiser said. “That is probably the best thing in the world that any of us can do.”

Woody Woodard Jr., Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America, Chickasaw Council and Agencies Chairman for this year’s United Way campaign cabinet, thanked United Way’s Loaned Executives and others who participated in the campaign by giving.

Woody Woodard (Boy Scouts of America, Chickasaw Council) shared thoughts about giving with fellow nonprofit employees during the kickoff rally.

“We have a great opportunity today to be active participants in the fundraising of the United Way of the Mid-South this year,” he said.

Woodard went on to explain that CEOs and top leadership in for-profit companies around the region have an understanding of what the United Way fundraising campaign is about. He said that all agency leaders should make sure their staffs understand this sense of commitment and responsibility.

“It shouldn’t hurt to give from some of the blessings we have. You will know when it feels good – give until it feels good,” Woodard said. “Educating the people we work with about how United Way is helping people is so important, let them know the impact United Way has had on our lives.”

Bryce Haugsdahl (center, at podium) thanks employees at United Way partner nonprofits for their service to people across our community.

United Way President Bryce Haugsdahl also spoke to the group, and reported that  agencies have responded very well to this year’s fundraising effort by providing Loaned Executives and sponsorships for additional trained people to work with companies in helping, planning and organizing their campaigns.

“When people from companies across the Mid-South visit your organizations and see how you help, the difference their gifts make becomes more ‘real’ to them. They see how United Way network partners work together to make a difference in education, financial stability, health and other services that improve people’s lives,” Haugsdahl said.

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