United Way officer provides guest editorial on poverty for The Commercial Appeal

Lori Spicer Robertson

United Way in the newsThe Commercial Appeal featured a guest editorial “Uniting to fight generational poverty in Memphis” by Lori Spicer Robertson, United Way’s Chief Communications and Engagement Officer.

Robertson shared details about the constructive dialogue at the “Feast of Dreams” last week, as well as United Way’s Driving The Dream initiative to help more people escape poverty. She also noted that the challenge of poverty is multi-generational:

“Children who live in poverty live with adults in poverty. Both are faced with unique circumstances and reasons why they remain stuck in poverty, but we cannot help one group without helping the other. We can educate a child, provide that child food security, but in the end that child still lives with an adult who lives in poverty so addressing the needs of both parent and child as a community is imperative.”

You can read the article at The Commercial Appeal’s website.

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