From the Archive: United Way of the Mid-South salutes employees for length of service to the community

(From left) B. Haugsdahl, F. Carter, H. Lemons, B. Butler, J. Haas, A. Brooks, M. Todd, S. Walczak, B. Gaines Ollie, S. Conard, C. Jones, R. Walker (photo: Clint Anderson)

As we approach the end of 2011, United Way of the Mid-South recently saluted staff members who have served our community for twenty or more years. Our United Way organization is blessed to have a strong number of people with vast experience in the nonprofit sector, and an unusually large number of people who have served United Way’s efforts to improve local education, financial stability and health for two decades or longer.

Here are the names and lengths of service of staff who were honored for their United Way work last week. (Click on the photo above to see a larger image):

Faye Carter: 41 years
Barbara Butler: 40 years
Helen Lemons: 40 years
Bryce Haugsdahl: 39 years
Audrey Brooks: 37 years
Janet Haas: 37 years
Regina Walker: 33 years
Shirley Walczak: 31 years
Sheila Conard: 28 years
Brenda Gaines-Ollie: 28 years
Casel Jones: 27 years
Milton Todd: 21 years

We thank these employees for their sacrifices and efforts to make our community a better place to work and live.

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