United Way makes changes to better accomplish strategic plan goals

Late last week, United Way President Bryce Haugsdahl announced United Way of the Mid-South is making changes to our organization chart to meet goals and objectives set forth in our strategic planning process.

“These changes are being made to recognize and reinforce the relationships these departments have in accomplishing our overall mission,” said Haugsdahl. “In the future, volunteer engagement and involvement will become even more important as the marketplace has become increasingly competitive. Our goal is to strengthen the relationships we have with our constituent companies, providing a year-round opportunity to be involved and make a difference in people’s lives,” he added.

The changes increase the number of volunteers involved in United Way’s collection and interpretation of data; increase meetings with local businesses, nonprofit agencies and other organizations to better align our work with community needs and aspirations; and place a stronger focus on measuring and publishing the results of United Way’s work for our region and for individual lives.

As a result of the changes, Regina Walker was named Senior Vice President of Community Engagement. Walker was previously Senior Vice President of Community Impact. Her new title reflects an adjustment in her responsibilities, now providing oversight and guidance for several departments involved in our community alignment work.

Another staffing development has taken place recently, as Doug Byrnes was named United Way’s Chief Financial Officer last month. Byrnes oversees much of United Way’s operations work under the organization redesign.

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