From the Archive: United Way Loaned Executive Gina Winding appears on Wheel of Fortune next month

United Way Loaned Executive Gina Winding will appear on the popular television show "Wheel of Fortune" next month

Gina Winding is serving our community as one of United Way’s Loaned Executives this year, so when you see her on the popular television show Wheel of Fortune next month, there’s a chance you may feel as if you “recognize her from somewhere.”

Winding, a Regulatory Systems Administrator who works with international compliance reporting at FedEx Express, is serving our Mid-South community as a Loaned Executive. She works alongside staff member Reginald Green in the Government 7A-J division of our campaign, led by volunteer chairmen George Little, Quinton Robinson, Von Goodloe, Keith McDonald, Eva Mosby and Walter Crews. She is also working with Cargill Corn Milling’s United Way campaign.

Winding’s Wheel of Fortune appearance was filmed last week in Culver City, California at Sony Studios Entertainment. Winding is not allowed to share details about how the game went, but she clearly had a good time filming with the show’s stars, Pat Sajack and Vanna White.

Winding was one of roughly 4,000 people who went to the DeSoto Civic Center last June when the show’s “Wheelmobile” came to the Mid-South area to find potential contestants. Winding says the contestant pool from that trip was then reduced to 250, then to 80, reduced further to 40, then to 20. She recalls one of the evaluation rounds took place at The Peabody in Memphis.

Winding passed each evaluation round and was placed in what the show calls its “contestant pool.” She eventually received a call from the show’s staff on a Friday afternoon while working in the United Way office.

“The odds of making it to the actual taping are very, very small – this was definitely a once in a lifetime event. I feel very fortunate to have been chosen,” Winding said.

Winding’s appearance on Wheel of Fortune is scheduled for Monday, November 7. The program is broadcast locally on WMC TV 5. You can visit the show’s official website here.

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