United Way grant to the Mid-South Food Bank helps feed DeSoto County residents

Over 500 families were fed in DeSoto County thanks to United Way’s $14,000 donation to the Mid-South Food Bank.

Supplies barely met demand and the last person in line took the last cabbage as over 500 families in DeSoto County received food from the Mid-South Food Bank’s mobile food pantry last month.

During a hot and muggy day, volunteers unloaded trucks and sorted food items, as a line slowly formed for the distribution.

Over 500 families were fed by the Mid-South Food Bank’s mobile food pantry, thanks in part to a $14,000 donation from United Way of the Mid-South.

Fresh corn, cabbage, sweet potatoes, pork and other assorted foods were distributed at the Landers Center in DeSoto County.

Tonya Bradley and local volunteers help coordinate lines of people at the Mid-South Food Bank’s mobile pantry distribution effort in DeSoto County.

Anna Dickerson, volunteer center coordinator for Volunteer Northwest Mississippi, helped organize the event with Tonya Bradley, C.O.O. of the Mid-South Food Bank.

“I hope our volunteers are amped up and ready to go,” Bradley said enthusiastically.

“There is a continuing need to address hunger in the county,” Dickerson said. “This is just one way to make it a little easier, especially during the summer months, when schools are out and children are eating at home more. There’s fresh produce, fresh fruits and vegetables.”

Dickerson said Southaven and Horn Lake Walgreens stores, Trustmark, Heartland Hand, Sacred Heart Southern Missions, Samaritans, Getwell Road United Methodist Church and Olive Branch Food Pantry sent volunteers to help distribute the food.  Baptist DeSoto has also been helping with volunteers.

Volunteers who were distributing food agreed, It was a great way to see the immediate impact that their time and efforts make for people in DeSoto County who are hungry

United Way President Bryce Haugsdahl helps distribute supplies for people needing food. Behind Haugsdahl, Trustmark volunteer Shauna Edmonds prepares the bags of cabbages.

500 families were prescreened and prepared to be fed.

United Way President Bryce Haugsdahl was also volunteering, giving out food (particularly cabbages) as droves of people started walking through the lines.

Thanks to United Way’s donation, the Mid-South Food Bank will continue to supply foods once a month for the next year in DeSoto County. Your support of United Way has made this gift to DeSoto residents possible.

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