From the Archive: UW General Campaign Chairman John Crowe leads countdown meeting filled with great results

UW General Campaign Chairman John Crowe led staff, loaned executives and volunteers in our second countdown meeting Tuesday morning

United Way of the Mid-South held its second countdown meeting yesterday to review fundraising successes and learn more about some of the companies participating in this year’s campaign drive.

John Crowe, President & CEO of Buckeye Technologies and this year’s General Campaign Chairman, led the meeting and reviewed the reports.

“This was a great week,” he announced. “This is only our second countdown, and hopefully we can keep the results moving forward.”

(From left) John Crowe, Mary Liggins, Vickie Terry (center), Earnest Holiday & Nicholas McNeal share a laugh at UW'S second countdown meeting

UW staff and LEs were pleased to see that the campaign total-to-date is well over the total for this time last year. United Way’s countdown meetings help establish which campaigns are going well, while also identifying areas for potential growth.

FedEx is a very important part of our drive – the organization has led our community in giving by contributing over $5 million each year for several years running. FedEx Senior Communications Specialist Traci Stubblefield and FedEx Loaned Executive Stefanie Schwegman reported the creation of an exciting new plan to increase the number of Tocqueville Society givers ($10,000 or more) at FedEx called the ‘Step Up’ campaign. Two of FedEx’s latest fundraising activities, a golf tournament and carnival, raised $38,500. FedEx is holding a 5K Run / 1K Walk activity for United Way on Sunday, Oct. 23rd.

Other highlights from the countdown included visiting volunteers from ITW/Paslode in Tipton County. ITW/Paslode Production Manager Skip Sage said the company reached an incredible 100%  participation rate and met this year’s goal, raising over $12,500. Thanks to a national 2 for 1 matching program, this means the Tipton plant raised over $37,000 for United Way (look for a future story on the ITW/Paslode drive here at the United Way News Center).

“We hear reports about Memphis being the poorest city in America, and how the national economy is recovering slower than expected. Then you see results like these and you see how successful this year’s campaign is going,” said United Way President Bryce Haugsdahl.

Divisional Wrapup: Data from the following divisions was particularly impressive: Major Gifts 20 raised 300% of its goal for the week (division chairman Joshua S. Lipman), Major Gifts 3C  reports Buckeye raised its corporate gift from $90,000 to $100,000 this year (division chairmen Dr. Reginald Coopwood, Doug Dowdell), Agencies 8 shared some preliminary results from the drive at Youth Villages (division chairmen Sean Lee, Robert Houget, Mark Dean), Professionals 11 (division chairmen Bill Drummond, Matt Stone, Steve Dean, Scott Barry, Sheila Jordan Cunningham, Marko Rajamaa, Beth Welter, Mark Allen), Combined Federal Campaign (division chairmen Carolyn Chapman, RADM Donald Quinn, CAPT Stephen Fimple), Metropolitan 9 (division chairmen Tom Colanero, Hank Hall, Darrell Adams, Rick Brantley), Tipton 14C (Division chairwomen Lori Spencer, Varissa Richardson), Services 4B shared information about the upcoming campaign at WMC TV 5, a Tocqueville gift at Enterprise Holdings and an upcoming leadership breakfast at ServiceMaster (division chairmen Lee Meredith, Dan Marks), and F.I.R.E. 4C shared that meetings are taking place for the upcoming drive at Bank of America (division chairmen Gene Henson, Tom Martin and Alvin Tarsi).

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