FedEx reports great results during weekly United Way countdown meeting, community total continues to rise at fast pace

United Way's General Campaign Chairman John Crowe reviewed the reports of divisions across the Mid-South during Monday's campaign countdown meeting

United Way’s traditional in-house countdown meetings end next week with the Thanksgiving holidays, and our latest session reported some very impressive results!

“You all have positioned us for a fantastic year,” said Faye Carter, United Way’s Senior Vice President of Fundraising. Carter added, “I have no doubt that we are going to reach our goal number, thanks to the hard work you have done. Thank you so much for that!”

Loaned Executive Lee Warren talks about the success of divisions he works with during Monday's countdown meeting

General Campaign Chairman John Crowe started the meeting and reviewed the divisional reports with United Way staff and Loaned Executives.

The largest United Way campaign in our region comes from our friends at FedEx, and this year has all the earmarks of yet another tremendous show of support. During Monday’s meeting, the FedEx report delivered far beyond goal expectations as the organization reported a $922,663 weekly total. This year’s FedEx drive for United Way is coming to completion, and the numbers are very impressive. Be on the lookout for a detailed story about this fantastic campaign in the near future here at the News Center. (The FedEx division chairmen are Shannon Brown, Vicki Carayiannis and Traci Stubblefield.) Stubblefield credited a rise in the number of employees making Tocqueville gifts of $10,000 or more and the success of the Memphis Air Show for being important parts of FedEx’s success this year.

Commercial 6 division shared details about the United Way campaign at Kroger, which is raising funds from Kroger employees and taking donations at check-out registers where customers can make a one-time gift to United Way (see a related story here).

Loaned Executives and staff were also encouraged to learn that fundraising campaigns at Methodist Hospital and Saint Francis Hospital are both getting underway this week.

More good news was shared about the campaign at WMC TV 5 which has seen a 22% increase in its fundraising drive. The local broadcaster has also re-established its corporate gift for the United Way campaign this year. You can read more about this campaign here.

Stories about additional campaigns were shared during the meeting, including details about a “cook-off” contest at Education Realty Trust where 9 teams prepared food in crock pots for a competition based on both presentation and taste of food. (Be on the lookout for a story about the Education Realty Trust fundraising drive for United Way later this week here at the News Center).

The regional United Way campaign has raised over $18.4 million to-date, a tremendous number when compared to the total-to-date at this point last year, $17.5 million. Even though this is not an “apples to apples” comparison since organizations report their totals at different times each year, the United Way staff members measuring the quality of the campaign are very pleased with the fundraising drive’s progress. The final community-wide fundraising number will be announced at United Way’s Campaign Celebration and Annual Meeting on March 1, 2012.

Traci Stubblefield (left) talks about the FedEx campaign with John Crowe

Divisional Wrapup: Data from the following divisions was also particularly impressive: Major Firms 3B, (division chairman Joe DiNicolantonio), F.I.R.E. 4C (division chairmen Gene Henson, Tom Martin, Alvin Tarsi), Tocqueville Society 12A (division chairman Joshua Lipman), Education 5 B-F (division chairmen Kathy Buckman Gibson, Paul Home, Sharon Jones and Mike Tebbe) Retail 4-D (division chairmen Denise Jones, Dan More and Gray Carter), Major Gifts 20 (division chairman Joshua S Lipman), Government 7A-J (division chairmen George Little, Quinton Robinson, Von Goodloe, Keith McDonald, Eva Mosby, Walter Crews), Major Firms 3C (division chairmen Dr. Reginald Coopwood, Doug Dowdell), Metropolitan 9 (division chairmen Tom Colanero, Hank Hall, Darrell Adams, Rick Brantley), the Combined Federal Campaign (division chairmen Carolyn Chapman, RADM Donald Quinn, CAPT Stephen Fimple), Unions 10 (division chairman Irvin Calliste).

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