From the Archives: United Way Corporate Summits continue to sharpen UW focus, impact

campaign for the common goodEarlier today, United Way staff met with nonprofit agency leaders, people from academia, several UW Board members and representatives from local businesses for a “corporate summit” to sharpen United Way’s work in addressing local education, financial stability and health concerns.

“United Way understands making a difference on the root causes of our area’s challenges is larger than the ability and resources of any one organization. The only way we can move the needle on these issues is to share ideas and work together,” said Bryce Haugsdahl, President of United Way of the Mid-South.

Haugsdahl also shared several new directions United Way of the Mid-South is exploring related to issue-focused leadership committees and campaigns, and the formation of affinity groups to work on shared interests. Discussions also touched on additions to campaign practices to inspire greater numbers of people and organizations to become more deeply involved in work for the common good.

Additional meetings to redefine important segments of United Ways’ work are planned for 2011.


About Dave Skorupa

Dave Skorupa is Director of Communications at United Way of the Mid-South, Memphis, TN.
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