From the Archive: Community conversations with young adults identify obstacles and opportunities in the path to success

Conversations with young adults and students across the Mid-South contributed to a new analysis of challenges faced by 18 to 24 year-olds as they seek ways to succeed.

United Way of the Mid-South and area partners engaged in community conversation meetings with local leaders, young adults and area students in an effort to identify challenges local 18 to 24 year-olds face as they seek jobs and other pathways to success in our community.

The meetings were conducted in January, February and late last week. Topics of discussion included factors contributing to our area’s high school dropout rates, the value of mentoring, how local leaders can make a difference in young adults’ lives and how to address a variety of issues of importance to young adults in our area. Students and young adults provided insights about improving our community and helping more young people find jobs and success in life.

Community ConversationsLocal community groups such as Leadership Memphis, Imagine Memphis, Rhodes College, Advance Memphis and others also participated in these community conversations. Results from the conversations will be shared with the White House Council, United Way Worldwide and local leaders to help address issues that prevent or slow young adults from reaching success.

More information from these community conversations will be posted to the United Way News Center later this month.

(Note: Paul Smothers contributed to this story.)

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