Tunica, MS allocations volunteers meet to discuss funding for local nonprofits

Allocations volunteers make the challenging decisions about where donated funds will be used to improve lives and impact communities. In Tunica County, MS the allocations volunteer team is led by Committee Chairwoman Lyn Arnold.

Tunica County allocations

Lyn Arnold discusses the challenges facing the Tunica Allocations Committee for this year.

Earlier this month, the Tunica volunteers held a meeting to discuss the distribution of funds to United Way partner agencies in Tunica. Last year, volunteers directed the majority (84% ) to efforts that strengthen families and neighborhoods, while the remainder was evenly split between work that improves health for adults and seniors and programs to help children and youth succeed.

“We try to be real efficient in how we distribute the funds,” Arnold said, adding, “we are very familiar with all the agencies that we’re funding.”

The volunteers all live in Tunica, and the funds that are distributed were given to United Way by people who live in the county. The group includes Arnold, Amy Mangum (Comcast), Shawn Matthews (Harrah’s) and Kay Walker (Tunica Chamber of Commerce).

If you are interested in serving as a United Way allocations volunteer in your county, please contact Janet Haas in our Community Impact department at 901.433.4333 or janet.haas@uwmidsouth.org

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