Thomas & Betts “energizes” us with over $441,800

Thomas & Betts ran a fantastic campaign, raising a total of over $441,800 to support United Way’s local network of care! Employee contributions surpassed $220,900 and with the organization’s dollar-for-dollar corporate matching program, their final result represents a 9.6% increase over last year’s campaign.

The Thomas & Betts campaign benefits from strong internal leadership with employees giving generously and demonstrating concern about our community. Neva McGruder, T&B’s United Way Employee Campaign Manager, reports that the giving was helped by the creation of special events to promote the fundraising drive. These events included a talent show, bake sale, a very successful silent auction, free parking spaces and days off from work. The events helped promote the campaign in the organization and raised over $9,000.

“Our talent show went over extremely well,” she said. “We had dancing, rapping, singing, and one contestant even wrote a song for Mayor (A C) Wharton called ‘One Memphis’” she said. “Our silent auction was also huge. Executives went above and beyond their regular giving by donating items such as electronics, iPods and other things to help our people get more involved in giving. The free parking spaces and extra days off from work also worked great!”

“We reminded employees how blessed we all are to have a job in these days and times,” McGruder said. “Some people in our community have very strong needs. Even though regional unemployment is still high, we have jobs to come to every day,” adding, “We were able to raise this money at a time when – hopefully – we’re coming out of a hard recession. It’s nice to know that people still care about helping other people.”

Bob Caporale, Thomas & Betts

Thomas and Betts also provides employees who help United Way’s work as volunteers. Bob Caporale serves as a member of our United Way Board of Directors, and is also part of United Way’s volunteer Marketing and Communications committee. United Way thanks all Thomas & Betts employees for their generosity and desire to help others in our community.

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