Third campaign countdown meeting shares fundraising successes with mid-October reports

General Campaign Chairman John Crowe (Chairman and CEO, Buckeye Technologies Inc.) led the countdown meeting

To cheers and loud applause, United Way celebrated its third campaign countdown meeting, recognizing local divisions and companies that have raised the bar for giving this year.

UW General Campaign Chairman John Crowe led the meeting as staff, Loaned Executives and visiting volunteers reviewed fundraising successes yesterday afternoon.

“I am glad to be here and to see another successful week for our campaigns,” he said. “As we continue to have these meetings, let’s hope they all continue to have strong results and keep getting better.”

Kim Calvert, long-time UW volunteer and Loaned Executive, reports for Commercial 6 division

The fundraising team was pleased to see that the campaign total-to-date is well ahead of where we were at this time last year, by more than $200,000.

FedEx Senior Communications Specialist Traci Stubblefield and FedEx Loaned Executive Stefanie Schwegman reported the FedEx “Step Up” Tocqueville Society program kicks off this week, and is already getting attention. The program will increase the number of FedEx employees giving at $10,000 levels for the first time, making them part of the local Tocqueville Society. FedEx is also holding a 5K Run / 1K Walk activity next Sunday, Oct. 23rd for United Way.

Volunteer Kristy Marter (left) and Loaned Executive Adrienne Foster report details about Enterprise Holdings' fundraising campaign

Morgan Keegan, SunTrust and Buckman Laboratories were recognized for their work in this year’s campaign (more details coming soon). Medtronic has finished its campaign very strongly, raising $50,000 more than it did last year. First Tennessee, a big contributor to our United Way, is gearing up its campaign kickoff this Friday.

Visiting volunteer Kristy Marter from Enterprise Holdings, the parent company of Enterprise, National and Alamo car rental companies, had a wonderful report on their fundraising success. (Look for a story on the Enterprise Holdings drive on the News Center later this week).

Divisional Wrapup: Data from the following divisions was particularly impressive in surpassing their weekly fundraising goals: Agencies 8 raised 240% (division chairmen Sean Lee, Robert Houget, Mark Dean) thanks in large part to giving from Youth Villages, Government 7A-J reported 181%, including gifts from City of Memphis employees (division chairmen George Little, Quinton Robinson, Von Goodloe, Keith McDonald, Eva Mosby, Walter Crews), Services 4-B (division chairmen Lee Meredith and Dan Marks) raised 137%. Commercial 6 reported 136% (division chairmen Bruce Efird, Ursula Roman, Alvin Pearson, Chuck Thomas, Brienne Smith, Jane Kerr, Charles Aiken), Retail 4-D reached 114% (division chairmen Denise Jones, Dan Moore and Gary Carter),  Metropolitan 9 division brought in 105%  (division chairmen are Tom Colanero, Hank Hall, Darrell Adams, Rick Brantley), Tocqueville Society 12A reached 104% (division chairman Joshua S Lipman), Professionals 11 (division chairmen Bill Drummond, Matt Stone, Steve Dean, Scott Barry, Sheila Jordan Cunningham, Marko Rajamaa, Beth Welter, Mark Allen) and F.I.R.E. 4-C raised 101% (division chairmen Gene Henson, Tom Martin and Alvin Tarsi).

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