Support the Operation Feed food drive at your workplace or by dropping off food to Bank of Bartlett locations

Operation FeedThe Mid-South Food Bank is getting some much appreciated help from Bank of Bartlett for the annual Operation Feed food drive which collects donated food to feed thousands across Memphis and the greater Mid-South area.

Operation Feed

Operation Feed is an annual food drive that helps the Mid-South Food Bank meet the increased need for food during the summer months

Many workplaces are participating with their own Operation Feed food drive campaigns this year. If your organization is interested in starting a drive, contact the Mid-South Food Bank (contact information is provided at the end of this article). If you do not work at an organization with a drive, you can still participate by dropping off non-perishable food items and monetary donations at Bank of Bartlett locations across the area. Bank of Bartlett branches are having a friendly-but-spirited competition to see which location can collect the most to help among bank employees and customers now through Friday, June 10th. (Note: The region-wide Operation Feed campaign ends in early July).

According to the Mid-South Food Bank, every week over 21,000 people in our region are fed by Food Bank partners using donated food resources. That number has grown significantly over the last five years.

During the summer months, many local children in impoverished families are out of school and therefore do not get the normal lunch programs they receive during the school year. This makes their families even more reliant upon donated food.

The Operation Feed food drive campaign helps raise additional resources during this difficult season. Last year, it raised enough food and money to provide one million meals for the hungry and needy right here in the Mid-South. United Way is a local sponsor of this effort.

For more information, visit Mid-South Food Bank’s website or contact David Stephens at 901-497-1153 or email dstephens@midsouthfoodbank.org

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