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Volunteers serving on numerous subcommittees are leading United Way of the Mid-South’s Strategic Plan work this summer, engaged in a variety of activities to help United Way’s transformation into an even more effective organization for impacting our area’s priority issues.

Tocqueville Society

The Tocqueville Society members are the most philanthropic donors in the Mid-South, giving $10,000 or more to United Way in a single year.

You may have read about our ongoing Community Conversation across the region, but they are not the only way United Way is gathering input from leaders across the Mid-South. Staff and volunteers are also interviewing top-tier business leaders and conducting surveys and interviews with donors.

John Crowe

John Crowe

In the category of donors, there is no more prestigious group than United Way’s  Tocqueville Society. The Society is made up of individuals who give $10,000 or more in a single year to support United Way’s work to improve local education, financial stability and health. The Society is led by John Crowe, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Buckeye Technologies Inc.  Crowe is a member of the United Way Board of Directors and is a past United Way General Campaign Chairman.

The Tocqueville Society was founded by Ira Lipman and 17 other members over 25 years ago, and has since grown to over 230 members. Last year alone, the Society raised over $3.4 million for our work, representing over 13% of the total United Way fundraising drive.

United Way’s Strategic Plan work is engaging teams of volunteers from the Society with surveys and interviews. After a very successful meeting with some Tocqueville members from FedEx earlier this month, additional meetings and surveys are being planned with members from Raymond James and other organizations. If you are a Society member or wish to become a member and want to learn more, please contact Brenda Gaines-Ollie at 901.433.4351 or e-mail brenda.gaines-ollie@uwmidsouth.org

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