Sneak Peek: Your gifts to United Way help impact lives and build a stronger community

This year’s United Way Information and Leadership Guide publication will be released later this summer, and over the next few days we’re giving you “sneak peeks” at some popular pages from this helpful booklet.

What issues and challenges are impacted by your gifts to United Way? This page helps answer the question.

Today’s preview page provides a broad overview of where your gifts are distributed to create meaningful changes in the Mid-South.

A huge part of our work for the common good takes place through the distribution of your gifts to local nonprofit programs on the front lines of improving education, financial stability and health. This page shows how funds are distributed to help children and youth succeed, strengthen families and neighborhoods and improve health for adults and seniors. In addition, it provides highlights of how your support is distributed to make a difference on issues of great importance to our community.

The page also salutes the leaders of volunteer allocations committees across our area. These volunteers and their teams take the time to analyze the needs of our region and the work and budgets of nonprofit organizations that produce positive changes in people’s lives. They make the tough decisions about where to direct funds to create the most powerful impact.

The page is available as an 8.5″ x 11″ Adobe Acrobat PDF document. Feel free to share this file and inform people of United Way’s work in the Mid-South.

(Note: The page was created by United Way Marketing and Communications Manager Veena Neelakantan.)

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