Sneak Peek: How your gifts are distributed to make a difference (allocations charts)

Click on the image above to download a two-page Adobe Acrobat PDF document showing how gifts to United Way are used in our overall region, and in each of the 8 Mid-South counties we serve.

Today we’re offering another “sneak peek” to popular pages in our coming Information and Leadership Guide. These two pages highlight how your support of United Way was distributed across our eight-county area to address our region’s most critical needs.

Distribution decisions are made by several volunteer allocations teams made up of nearly 200 people from across our community. Gifts stay in the counties where they were raised, unless donors specify otherwise. Volunteers who live in each county review the needs of their area, and study the budgets of local nonprofits to make informed decisions, placing funds where they can be used to improve lives and impact issues of local importance.

If you are interested in serving as a member of the United Way allocations team, contact our Community Impact department at 901.433.4333 and let us know! We are always looking for dedicated community volunteers to help us in this important work.

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