Six abandoned children were left to fend for themselves, but a kind neighbor and United Way partner agency stepped in to help

Your Support Impacts LivesThis story comes courtesy of Allen Brown at Tipton Cares, Inc., one of United Way’s nonprofit partners in our “Helping Children and Youth Succeed” issue area. As with all nonprofit client stories, we have changed names and images for privacy reasons.

Carolyn, age 62, approached our United Way partner agency with six children, ranging in age from only a few months old to 14 years old. They weren’t her children, or even her grandchildren – they were “the children down the street” who had temporarily slipped society’s cracks and were living on their own, abandoned, with no one providing care or supervision.

“These kids needed help,” she said. “Their mother had just been locked up in jail and they had no idea where their father was. I realized that I needed to help these children, at least until their mother got out of jail.”

Carolyn could not care for these six children by herself, and she didn’t know when their mother would be released, so she brought them to the nonprofit agency.

“On the day Carolyn brought these children in, their grandmother had died,” said the agency counselor. “Carolyn was trying to find them suitable clothes for the funeral. With the help of United Way funds, we were put assistance programs in place and our staff helped provide assistance in this and many other temporary crises along the way.”

The agency was quickly able to help Carolyn with the children.  They provided her with an emergency food box to help provide needed food, as well as clothes to attend the funeral.

Thanks to your support of United Way, these six children were able to gain some ground and have hope. Eventually, the children’s mother got out of jail and began a road to recovery, realizing how much her children really meant to her.

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