Shelby County Trustee Office reports amazing 175% increase in giving to United Way

Shelby County Trustee David Lenoir

Shelby County Trustee David Lenoir leads a group of employees who generously support the United Way campaign

Great news about local United Way fundraising campaigns continues to pour in to our UW News Center. The Shelby County Trustee Office, with only 73 givers, has boosted donations to $4,272 for a 175% increase over 2009 giving!

Employees participated in presentations from United Way partner agency representatives, who shared why giving to United Way is important for our local nonprofit community.

“To make the giving fun, we set a goal that if everyone in the session pledged something, one employee group would get to wear blue jeans every Friday in January,” said Mary Brown, employee campaign manager. “That is a big deal for us, because we normally wear business attire all the time.”

Brown said that even though there was no pressure to give, employees responded with tremendous generosity.

“Once our group had an opportunity to see what United Way does and how far reaching its network of help is for people in need, many of our employees had their eyes opened,” Brown concluded. “They all wanted to contribute something.”

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