Shelby County Sheriff’s Office fundraising drive increases, over $102,900 to date

Sheriff Bill Oldham was elected in September. Shelby County Sheriff's Office employees have supported UW for many years

The 1700 employees at Shelby County Sheriff’s Office have generously supported this year’s United Way campaign with donations over $102,900! This is a jump from 2009’s strong $90,900 and the current fundraising drive is still underway.

The Sheriff’s Office fundraising team used some of the same tactics to build awareness of the drive, and volunteer workers visited different agency roll calls to make sure employees were aware of the campaign.

“Everyone understood the need,” said Lt. Perry McEwen, who served as this year’s Employee Campaign Manager. “What really appeals to our givers is that they can know where their money goes. There are no misgivings about that.”

McEwen added that potential donors were told that by giving a minimum $5 or $10 dollars per pay period, in the end, they would “not even know it was missing.”

Other campaign leaders who helped the fundraising drive included Sheriff Bill Oldham, UW Loaned Executive Maurice Hulon, Employee Jail Division Manager Lt. Dora Benn, Jail Division Coordinators (201 Poplar and Jail East) Pat Hart and T. Thompson, and Leadership Gifts Chairman Lt. Debra Hammons.

Congratulations to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office for another great campaign! We extend special thanks to Lt. Perry McEwen for contributing to this story.

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