From the Archive: Shelby County Long Term Recovery Committee meets at United Way

Mary Claire Borys from MIFA Handyman

Mary Claire Borys from MIFA Handyman

The first meeting of the Shelby County Long-Term Recovery Committee took place last week in the United Way of the Mid-South board room.

The committee was created to help address immediate and long-term recovery needs for the county in light of the storms and flooding last April and May.

The session, hosted by Mary Claire Borys from MIFA Handyman, covered committee goals to help in future disaster situations. The committee is supported by the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) and will work to prioritize goals.

Bryce Haugsdahl United Way

UW President Bryce Haugsdahl speaks about how the committee will help people recover from the storms and floods

FEMA announced that there were 3,035 applicants for FEMA services this year, mainly due to the disastrous storms and tornadoes that have torn through the southern region of the U.S. in the past two months.

The committee explored ways to identify the extent of damages to local homes, as well as steps to create a needs assessment analysis.

The committee will hold future meetings to determine the best use of available resources to help people impacted by the storms.

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