Serving as a Loaned Executive and Sponsored Representative makes an impact on your community – and yourself.

LEandSRLater this summer when General Campaign Chairman Bruce Hopkins kicks off the United Way campaign, a key team of community volunteers will be on the front lines of sharing our message and reaching people across the Mid-South.

The United Way Loaned Executives and Sponsored Representatives team are vital to the success of our efforts to raise resources so our network can improve local education, financial stability and health.

Having served as a United Way Loaned Executive for seven previous campaigns, Brenda Taylor says that she has seen United Way support impact many lives throughout her years of volunteering.

Brenda Taylor

Brenda Taylor

“Working as a Loaned Executive for United Way has been a real eye-opening experience for me,” Taylor said.

“I’ve had the opportunity to learn and understand the strong impact United Way’s programs and partner agencies have on our community,” she added.

Work for the Loaned Executive can be very challenging. Sometimes, it may mean working into the wee hours of the night to meet late shift employees and share how their support of United Way makes a difference. Weekends can be spent talking with citizens at local community fairs or making presentations at workplaces with nontraditional hours.

Michael Steward

Michael Steward

“The first time you serve as a United Way Loaned Executive there is some apprehension because it’s new, and unknown,” said Michael Steward, a former Loaned Executive from FedEx.

“But once you have opportunities to visit some of United Way partner agencies and see the good things being done with the heartfelt contributions that come from across the entire community, it changed my life forever,” Steward added.

Annette Knox

Annette Knox

Annette Knox is another member of the Loaned Executive team with many years of experience.

“I like the role that I play in addressing issues of family, health and financial stability with individuals throughout our community. It just means a lot to give back and after nine years in the program, it’s hard to put that much experience into words. You benefit from it. It makes you a better person,” Knox said.

Loaned Executives and Sponsored Representatives make a big difference in our community, working alongside United Way staff and with the Combined Federal Campaign. In many cases, they are so closely connected to the United Way cause and their passion for United Way’s work is so great that donors are surprised when they learn they are volunteers and not full-time staff members.

We thank our Loaned Executives and Sponsored Representatives, both present and past, for the sacrifices they make to improve people’s lives. Their work makes them unsung heroes for countless thousands who benefit from nonprofit programs and services everyday.

To learn how you and/or your organization can help underwrite a Loaned Executive or Sponsored Representative for this year’s United Way drive, please contact Senior Vice President of Fundraising Faye Carter at faye.carter@uwmidsouth.org

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