ServiceMaster updates UW staff on campaign: Over $232,000 raised and rising!

ServiceMaster Wilson Marks

ServiceMaster shares the great news with UW staff: Heather Wilson, Communications Mgr. and Dan Marks, C.I.O., shared details of the drive late yesterday.

Throughout our regional fundraising drive, the ServiceMaster campaign has been a source of excitement at United Way. Rejoining our family of fundraising organizations last year, ServiceMaster has made rapid advances in the drive by using special events, personal testimonies and electronic appeals.

ServiceMaster’s Communications Manager, Heather Wilson, and C.I.O. Dan Marks met with UW staff yesterday to announce ServiceMaster has raised over $232,000! This total represents a combination of generous employee giving and an outstanding 50 cent on the dollar corporate matching program. This total represents a 68% increase in the campaign.

Wilson served as employee campaign manager for the drive, and Marks is an incoming member of our UW Board of Directors. Together, they spoke to United Way staff yesterday and shared that 200 more employees joined the ServiceMaster fundraising effort this year, resulting in over 520 employees giving through payroll deductions.

“I am proud to be a part of this campaign,” Marks said, adding, “this year we’ve opened our campaign up to all associates, nationwide. While our ‘official’ drive ended last week, we are still seeing some online donations come in. We expect this to continue through the end of the month.”

Special events kept employees aware of the drive and helped raise money at the same time. A ServiceMaster “Jeans Week” raised over $7,000, and a special cookout held in October was a huge success. The organization also sold “Associate Diversity Cookbooks” with proceeds donated to UW.

ServiceMaster used sets of tickets to the ServiceMaster suite at the FedEx Forum for University of Memphis Tigers games and an upcoming Grizzlies game, along with iTunes and other gift cards to build awareness of the drive.

“We looked for every opportunity to take five minutes to speak during already scheduled team meetings and hosted an information session at our Memphis service center,” Wilson said, adding “we believe participating with United Way is one way we bring our values to life.”

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