From the Archive: ServiceMaster leadership breakfast reflects core values of caring about people & thanks donors for giving

ServiceMaster CEO Hank Mullany spoke with leaders about the good United Way donations accomplished last year, and the need to contribute this year.

ServiceMaster thanked employees who have served our community as United Way Leadership Givers at a company breakfast yesterday and shared how employee gifts are making a difference.

Hank Mullany, ServiceMaster CEO, spoke about the importance of helping people in need.

“One of our core values is that we care about people. And another one of our core values is that we do the right thing. I just wanted to pull this group together and personally thank each one of you for what you are doing and your generous contributions to United Way. Now, more than ever in these challenging times, people really need the great work that United Way does. We’re all blessed to have a great job with a great company. This is a great opportunity for us to give back to the community in which we work and where our customers live,” Mullany said.

Eight different United Way nonprofit agency partners were also on hand to share how their organizations are making a difference as part of the United Way network.

Dan Marks, VP and Technology Officer for ServiceMaster, is also a member of our local United Way Board of Directors.

Dan Marks, ServiceMaster’s Vice President and Technology Officer, is serving as Chairman for ServiceMaster’s United Way campaign. Marks is also a member of the United Way Board of Directors.

Marks shared that this is ServiceMaster’s  third consecutive United Way campaign. In 2009, ServiceMaster launched its first United Way fundraising drive in 10 years and contributed  $158,000. In 2010, the company extended the opportunity to participate to all associates nationwide and contributed $236,000. This year, the organization wants to continue the upward trend with a strong goal of $255,000.

“This is also our second year to participate in the United Way Loaned Executive program,” Marks said. Loaned Executives are employees which are “loaned” to United Way to help the community-wide fundraising drive. They are a critical part of United Way’s ability to raise funds across the region. Kevin Park is serving as one of United Way’s Loaned Executives this year thanks to ServiceMaster.

Marks cited reasons for giving: He said United Way is a key component of ServiceMaster’s “We Serve” strategy. For example, $20 provides one night of emergency housing and three meals to someone who lost their home to disaster; $35 per month provides counseling services to a child who is victim of abuse; $96 provides one week of in-home care for a senior citizen in our community.

United Way President Bryce Haugsdahl talked to ServiceMaster employees about ways their support impacts our community, and addressed a common concern related to annual giving.

“ ‘Needs’ can seem like a bottomless pit,” Haugsdahl said. “But it’s interesting when you measure ‘needs’ with ‘results.’ That intersection of needs and results is where lives are really being improved. When you help more people become more self-sufficient, you are helping reduce the size of the ‘needs’ category,” Haugsdahl observed.

Haugsdahl extended an offer to ServiceMaster employees to serve on decision-making allocations committees that decide where donations to United Way are used to impact our region.

ServiceMaster's leadership breakfast served to thank previous givers and share the need for continued giving in our community

“Who better to make that decision than those who are giving the money? We hope you’ll consider serving as a volunteer,” he added.

United Way network partner agencies from Friends For Life, Meritan, Knowledge Quest, The Salvation Army, SRVS (Shelby Residential Vocational Services), Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis, Hope House and Volunteer Mid-South also participated in the ServiceMaster leadership breakfast.

ServiceMaster boasted $57,000 in early contributions following the appreciation breakfast, allowing the company to celebrate early success when officially kicking off its campaign to all employees Friday, Oct. 21.

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